700 Calories Per Meal Bar

Ultralight and no bigger than a deck of cards. These are the most convenient and highest quality meal replacement bars ever made.


What's the Range
Meal Bar Story?

It all goes back to a small college apartment in 2017.

What's in Range
Meal Bars?

All natural ingredients. Certified gluten free. No B.S.

What are the flavors?

Not convinced?

Best value for a meal on-the-go

30k+ bars sold so far, 5 star reviews for both flavors

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All-Natural Meal Replacement Bars

When you need sustainable energy to get you through the day, rely on our all-natural meal replacement bars to keep you full and energized.

You’ll find that Range Meal Bars have a higher fat content than other meal bars on the market. This is because instead of filling them with empty carbohydrates, our complete meal bars contain healthy fats that are essential for endurance activities.

Unlike other meal bars, Range Meal Bars do not have questionable ingredients that you won’t recognize. We promise to use only clean, wholesome ingredients in our all-natural meal replacement bars.

These high-calorie meal bars are guaranteed to be the TASTIEST and EASIEST meal for life on the go. They’re simply the best bars for backpacking, hiking, and more. Order now!