What are Range bars?

Range bars are a 700 calorie meal bar with a texture that’s easy on your jaw, and won’t have you reaching for your water bottle every other bite. They’re gluten free, made from all natural ingredients (no preservatives), and they do not use brown rice syrup as a sweetener.

Range meal bars high calorie all natural gluten free meal bar for ultralight backpacking skiing climbing and hunting
  • 700 Calories Per Bar
  • All natural ingredients, no preservatives
  • Gluten free
  • Vegetarian (Alpine Start), Vegan (Fresh Tracks)

Why are Range bars better than any meal bar you’ve had in the past?

Range bars are one of the only bars on the market that actually provide 1/3 of your daily nutrition. More importantly, they taste like real food, because they ARE real food. Additionally:

  • Soft texture unlike anything else on the market
  • All natural ingredients your grandma would approve of
  • Honey or molasses used as primary sweetener, not brown rice syrup
  • Most compact meal bar calorie for calorie, not much bigger than a deck of cards and fits in a pocket
  • Premium ingredients including organic shade grown coffee from Columbia, and sea salt harvest on the Oregon coast

Alpine Start

Fresh Tracks

What are our customers saying?

“LEGIT best breakfast bar I’ve had. Talked about it all the way up Ruth Mountain.”

“They are outstanding. Love the flavor combination and the practical size versus the ‘baby’ size bars by the competition. It is a new ‘Go To’ product for my outdoor bag. Well Done!”

“These are my go to lunches when in nature, the best tasting bars I’ve had. Fresh tracks flavor might be my new favorite, that ginger hits the spot. Would recommend and I will be buying these for a long time.”

“These bars are perfect breakfast/lunch replacement when I’m hunting/hiking/fishing or just when I’m in a hurry. Both flavors are excellent and these give you the energy and morale to keep on pushing on. Thanks for a great product, will buy again.”

“I have tried tons of meal bars and this is the first one that tastes like something I would buy at a bakery or that my wife would make at home.”

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Who is Range for?

Range bars are for anyone who’s getting out and getting after it. If you’re looking for the easiest way to pack a ton of high quality calories, Range is for you!





Service Members

Trail Runners

Mountain Bikers


Rock Climbers


Weight Lifters


What are you waiting for?

Still on the fence? You can buy risk free with the Range Guarantee. We have absolute confidence in our products. If Range bars aren’t the tastiest and easiest meal on the go that you’ve ever had, we’ll get you your money back, no questions asked. 

Range Meal Bar money back guarantee

Not ready to commit to a whole bar, and want to try a sample instead?! We’ve got you covered. Just go to the bottom of any page on our website and subscribe to our ~once monthly~ newsletter. Subscribing to the newsletter will give you the option of requesting a free sample of each flavor, in addition to a free shipping coupon code you can use on your first order (when you inevitably decide that our bars are BOMB). Each sample is 1/6 of a full bar, and usually ships within one week, although occasionally we are backordered.