Ambassador Interest

Do you like free food?! Do you like sharing your adventures with the world? Let’s team up! Range is selectively partnering with movers and shakers who are getting out there, and getting after it. If you’re able to share Range with your audience, or can snap some epic pics that we can share with ours, please fill out the form below and let’s get this show on the road! Check out what our current ambassadors have been up to by clicking on the photos below.

Ten Thousand Too Far

Brandon Wanthal is a ski mountaineer, rock and ice climber, long distance runner, and training geek hailing from Teton Valley, ID. He runs Ten Thousand Too Far, also abbreviated 10K2Far. His blog has become a staple beta stache for many exploring the Tetons, and we’re stoked to help fuel his endeavors.

Gravity Lab

Brant Hysell can usually be found scaling some massive granite face in or around the Yosemite Valley. The big wall objectives tackled by he and his climbing partners are the perfect fit for Range bars, and we’re glad we can be a small part of his vertical adventures.

Fieldcraft Survival

When wilderness survival instructor Kevin Estella was considering what survival food to choose for an upcoming survival challenge, he knew Range meal bars would be the best choice. The 72 hour zip-lock bag survival challenge was an outstanding way of demonstrating just how big of a punch Range bars pack, and Estella continues to incorporate them in his survival classes.

Factotum Project

Not all of us have a helicopter to hoist us to the top of epic Alaskan spines, nor can we ditch our jobs for months on end to ski absurdly expensive resorts. The Factotum Project is a grassroots community of snowboarders from throughout the West, coming together to show what can be accomplished in the mountains, even with limited resources, and while holding down a 9-5. Check out their feature length film from the 2022 season, and tag along on the adventure to see what they put together during 2023!

Wet Fly Swing Podcast

Dave Stewart hosts the Wet Fly Swing podcast. Each episode features guests from the outdoor community, and topics range from how to ultralight backpack, to backcountry bowhunting, and fly fishing a remote river in Alaska. Tune in wherever you get your podcasts!

Feel free to include any information about how we can fuel your adventures!