Crater Lake Circumnavigation – 33 Miles of Circular Thinking

Join Zach, Coby, and Ariel on a (mostly) horizontal ski adventure, as they circumnavigate the second deepest lake in North America, Crater Lake. Along the way, the crew is treated to clear views of surrounding peaks, observes a unique snow formation, and experiences impressive winds. With many miles ahead of them, short days, and a winter storm looming, Range bars proved to be the perfect fuel for the trip.

1 thought on “Crater Lake Circumnavigation – 33 Miles of Circular Thinking”

  1. Jeffrey Webber

    Used the Range Bars on my 50 mile Superior Hiking Trail for mid day fuel. It fueled me great for my 7 to 10 hour days of hiking. Thanks for a great product as Iḿ telling all my adventure buddies about this gem of a product.

    Jeff Webber

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