Frequently Asked Questions

How long are Range bars good for?

Even though Range bars are made entirely of all natural ingredients, and have no preservatives, the shelf life extends a whole 1 year from the date of production. For best freshness, we recommend eating your bars before the “BEST BY” date marked on the package (which is 6 months after the date of production).

Why do Range bars have so much added sugar?

In a word, “honey.” The FDA requires that honey is listed as an “added sugar.”

Are Range bars organic?

Alpine Start is made entirely of organic ingredients, with the exception of gluten free oats, which we can only source as conventional. Fresh Tracks is made entirely of organic ingredients, with the exception of gluten free oats, and crystallized ginger.

Are Range bars gluten free?

Range bars are gluten free, and have been tested in a third party lab to contain less than 20,000ppm of gluten. At the most recent audit, gluten levels were undetectable (<5ppm) for both Alpine Start and Fresh tracks.

Do Range bars have any dairy?

No dairy is added to Alpine Start. However, the dark chocolate used is produced on shared machinery, and could have traces of dairy, despite the fact that our suppliers have robust sanitation procedure that is completed between production runs. 

Fresh tracks is dairy free.

Are Range bars vegan?

Alpine start is vegan with the exception of honey. Fresh tracks is vegan.

The coffee in Alpine Start is good! Where can I get some?

We’re glad you asked! The coffee in Alpine Start is sourced from Jim’s Organic Coffee out of West Wareham, MA. Founded in 1996, Jim’s roasts only organic, shade-grown coffee. Jim’s is a certified B-corp, and it’s operations are run entirely off of renewable energy. Sourcing coffee from Jim’s is just one the many decisions made to ensure that Range bars are of the highest quality. No cut corners. If you want to enjoy a quality cup of Joe with your meal bar, head on over to Jim’s Organic Coffee, and grab a bag of Santa Marta.

How much caffeine is in Alpine Start

Each Alpine Start bar has 44mg of caffeine, which is about 1/2 a cup of coffee.

What’s Range’s return policy?

We stand behind our products. If you decide Range bars aren’t the easiest, tastiest, and highest quality meal-on-the-go we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Do you ship internationally?

We do not currently ship internationally.