Meal Bar – Molasses, Ginger, Sea Salt – Six Pack

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Molasses, ginger, sea salt.

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Flavor Description

Dark molasses lays the foundation for some soothing but zesty ginger. Jacobsen’s sea salt, harvested off the Oregon Coast pops through strongly, pushing the flavor a bit closer to savory than most energy bars. Imagine a gingerbread man meets sea-salt.

Why Choose Range Meal Bars?

  • 700 calories per bar, and barely bigger than a deck of cards
  • 123 cal/oz make Range bars an ultralight food
  • 16g all natural protein, NOT soy protein isolate
  • Does not freeze solid in the cold
  • Best value for portable meals
  • 12 month shelf life without use of exotic preservatives
  • If you’re not thrilled with your purchase, we’ll get you your money back; that’s the Range Guarantee


Unsulphured cane molasses, almonds, gluten free whole grain oats, crystallized ginger (ginger, cane sugar), organic chia seeds, organic crispy brown rice cereal (organic brown rice, organic brown rice syrup, salt), gum acacia, glycerin, sea salt, ground cinnamon, mixed tocopherols

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How To Use Range Meal Bars?

After doing business for three years, we’ve seen and heard it all (or so we think)! Here is a short list of the most common uses for our ultralight meal bars.

Thru Hiking

Range meal bars having become a popular backpacking meal on the PCT and AT trails, in addition to weekend warriors.

Athletes and Weightlifting

For serious athletes, what you eat in the kitchen is even more important than what you lift in the gym. Range meal bars are an ideal meal replacement bar for athletes that need a convenient high calorie food for attaining a caloric surplus, with healthy all natural ingredients. If you find yourself asking how to bulk for hard gainers, there’s a good chance that Range meal bars are an ideal solution.

Military and First Responders

The MRE is commonplace in the military, and has graced us with many nicknames such as “meals resisting exit,” and “meals requiring enemas.” Range Meal Bars have become popular with US Special Forces and soldiers seeking a high calorie food strenuous military training. Likewise, first responders appreciate the convenience of having a high quality meal on-the-go available for when a shift is particularly hectic, and the alternative would be a greasy burger from the golden arches.


Few things are as mentally and physically challenging as hunting. If you’ve ever spent long days moving through difficult terrain, while minimizing sound and odor, you’ve probably found nutrition to be a challenge. Range is one of the best foods for hunting.

Mountaineering Food

Mountaineering is full of logistical challenges. Equipment, timing, navigation, weather. Everything must be as light as possible, and durable. Furthermore, few things burn as many calories as maintaining body temperature in cold environments, and those cold environments will also make most typical meals a frozen brick. Range meal bars are a durable, cost effective and ultralight food for mountaineering. Additionally, the natural oil content (primarily from nut butters) helps them to not freeze solid like other bars, allowing for a quick and convenient meal without needing to fire up a stove, or lose a tooth.

What To Expect After You Order

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Customer Reviews

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Oz per calories

It’s hard to find anything that gives this many calories for the weight and ease of preparation and they taste good! It’s a winner.

Thank you

Versatile flavor

The Molasses, Ginger, Sea Salt Range Bar works with a variety of drink flavors. This is challenging in trying to select the perfect drink that goes with it. This Meal Bar is Awesome regardless. Go for it.

Robert Hudak
It works

I’ve been using range meals bars for 8 months. During the summer months I trail run 2-3 times per wk/wknd.
During winter months we backcountry ski the green mountains of Vermont. Spending 3-6 hours during cold temperatures can burn up calories.
Range meal bar along with other healthy items helps sustain the energy needed to skin up, ski down and navigate out successfully.
I tested them during an ultra marathon this past summer. I’ll be taking them with me for next year’s 100 miler.
Please keep up the great work you and your employees do.
Rob H.

Anthony Imperial
Great taste

Tastes great and the ingredients are pretty clean. Will buy more.

Kate Ludlow

I LOVE the new flavor - I have already finished half my order. Will need to stock up. Thanks Zach for always being so creative and taking on new challenges.