September-October Newsletter

September-October Update

Hello Range Nation!

We noticed that the mountains are turning white, so it’s probably about time for another update. Since the last time you heard from us, a few more things have come together. For starters, we’ve added more locations that are stocking Range bars.

  • Owenhouse Cycling (Bozeman Montana)
  • Packrat Outdoors Center (Fayettemville Arkansas)
  • Next Adventure (Portland Oregon)
  • Garage Grown Gear (Minneapolis Minnesota)

Several more stores are in the works for the winter, with longer term visions being set up for this spring/summer.


The packaging we mentioned last time is in and it’s AWESOME! This new packaging ditches the paper label and is totally adventure-proof. We’ve also been able to print best-by dates directly on the package, which has helped streamline production.

Streamlining production was essential for fulfilling a large order for Backcountry Fuel Box, in Bozeman Montana. Backcountry Fuel Box offers a subscription box service, and we’re excited to be represented alongside several other quality brands!

Also, some of the kitchen hands (including yours truly), had the chance to get out of the kitchen/office for a quick climbing trip to Smith Rock. Picture of chief kitchen-hand (and also my mom) Cyndee, climbing “Night Rider” below.

More people are starting to talk about Range! You can check out another review about Range here.

Finally, progress is being made on the second flavor! While we’re no longer confident on a pre 21′ release date, you should have another bomb bar-flavor in the not-so-distant future. Potential for a sneak-peak give-away on our instagram in the next two months.

That’s all for now. Catch ya next time when the snow’s deep and the lifts are (hopefully) spinning!

Cheers, Zach

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