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    Meal Bar – Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Coffee – Six Pack

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    Meal Bar – Molasses, Ginger, Sea Salt – Six Pack

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What makes Range Meal Bars the highest quality meal replacement bars available?

  • We only use natural whole ingredients. We don’t add brown rice syrup or soy protein isolate. Learn more at our What’s Inside page!
  • At 123 cal/oz Range Meal Bars are an ultralight and calorically dense
  • Our bars do not freeze solid in the cold, and are ideal for winter activities
  • Range bars are the highest value portable meal available, and don’t require hot water!
  • Our meal replacement bars have a 12 month shelf life without using exotic preservatives
  • Don’t forget about the Range Guarantee! If you don’t love our bars, we’ll get you your money back!

How does shipping work?

For full details, check out our Shipping Policy page. Here’s the spark note version.

  • We ship via USPS priority or first class mail
  • Orders are fulfilled in 1 business day (Sunday-Thursday) and typically ship coast to coast in 3 days (shorter transit times as you get closer to Seattle, WA)
  • $5 flat rate shipping within the US, orders over $50 ship free within the US
  • $50 flat rate shipping to Canada (sorry, it’s expensive)

What do people use Range Meal Bars for?

There’s no wrong way to use Range Meal Bars, but here are a few applications that we see most frequently.

Ultralight Backpacking Food for Thru Hiking

Grams make ounces, and ounces make pounds. When you’re carrying your life on your back, it’s best to keep things light. Range meal bars are one of the best ultralight foods for the AT and are also a good food for hiking the PCT. At 123 calories per ounce, Range Meal Bars exceed the recommended caloric density (120 cal/oz) metric for ultralight backpacking.

Caloric Surplus for Athletes and Weightlifters

For serious athletes, what you eat in the kitchen is even more important than what you lift in the gym. Range meal bars are an ideal meal replacement bar for athletes that need a convenient high calorie food for attaining a caloric surplus, with healthy all natural ingredients. If you find yourself asking how to bulk for hard gainers, there’s a good chance that Range meal bars are an ideal solution.

Military and First Responders

The MRE is commonplace in the military, and has graced us with many nicknames such as “meals resisting exit,” and “meals requiring enemas.” Range Meal Bars have become popular with US Special Forces and soldiers seeking a high calorie food strenuous military training. Likewise, first responders appreciate the convenience of having a high quality meal on-the-go available for when a shift is particularly hectic, and the alternative would be a greasy burger from the golden arches.