• Six Pack

    Meal Bar – Alpine Start – Six Pack

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  • Six Pack

    Meal Bar – Fresh Tracks – Six Pack

    $35.00 or subscribe and save 10%
  • Single Bars

    Variety Pack

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Buy Top Rated Meal Replacement Bars

We produce a variety of delicious high calorie meal bars that will instantly become your new favorite meal bar for when you need something healthy and hearty to eat. Here you can buy top-rated meal replacement bars by Range Meal Bars. This lightweight backpacking food comes in convenient handheld packaging so you can spend more time on the go, and enjoying the beauty of the terrain in front of you.

These meal replacement bars come in a selection of flavors including Alpine Start and Fresh Tracks, both of which have 19 grams of protein, are gluten free, and are non-GMO.

  • Alpine Start – chocolate, peanut butter, and coffee
  • Fresh Tracks – molasses, ginger, and sea salt

Shop our website to buy top-rated meal replacement bars. We now offer a subscription service so you can opt to subscribe and receive at-home delivery every one, two, or three months for a 10 percent discount.